Cirrus Production Company

Cirrus Production Company

Cirrus Production Companies engineer is Ray Gill. Ray is a registered petroleum engineer in the State of Oklahoma. Ray started practice as a reservoir engineer in 1982. He was a reservoir engineer for Harper Oil in Oklahoma City, and Apache Corporation of Tulsa. In 1988, he joined Cirrus Production Company and worked as a production engineer in the Giddings Field. In 1994, he moved to Enid, Oklahoma and assumed production and reservoir duties. George McCamey, a company founder, retired in 1996. At that point, Ray assumed all the engineering and operation responsibilites.

Ray Gill also provides to the industry:

Company/Estate Reserve Reports
Property Evaluations
Prospect Evaluation
SPCC plans

Ray is a member of SPE, OSPE, NSPE.

Alison Budd is the production clerk and engineering tech. She also handles drilling reports.

For Production information contact Allison at 580-237-0002.